In this pedigree study we examine 3 groups: 1) Those with 25 or more MH passes, the top 100 OTCH Goldens
(Lifetime) and Goldens with MACH4 or greater. The 3 groups had 95, 100 and 84 individuals respectively.

Goldens with 25 MH Passes or Greater

Goldens with the most OTCH Points

Goldens with MACH4 or Greater
For each group all 5 generation pedigrees are grouped together and the their ancestors ordered by occurrence
frequency. Note that both the agility and obedience groups had a number of incomplete pedigrees.

AFC Holway Barty OS FDHF occurs most frequently both for the Master Hunter group and the top OTCH group.
OTCH Meadowpond Angelic Abbey TD WCX OBHF OD occurs most often for the Agility group.

5 Generation Frequency in Goldens with 25 or More MH Passes

5 Generation Ancestor Frequency in Top OTCH Goldens

5 Generation Ancestor Frequency for MACH4 and Greater
COI: (Those lacking complete pedigrees were dropped)
                             Mean  Maximum  Minimum
MH Group                       9.0%      22.5%    0.3%
OTCH Group                  5.8%      21.9%    0%
MACH Group                  6.0%      18.2%    0%

MH Group COIs


In the following graphs we define a Field /Hunt Test Ancestor as one having ***, MH or better. A conformation
ancestor holds a CH. An obedience Ancestor holds an UD or better. Note: there are 62 ancestors in a 5 generation
pedigree so each axis runs from 0 to 62. Top obedience and agility pedigrees are similar.
Master Hunters with 25 or more MH passes clearly have different pedigrees from typical OTCH or MACH Goldens