In the following we consider the age distribution of sires and dams of major AKC title holders.
That is, how old were the sires and dams when they produced offspring. (
Last update Feb. 2021)

The following histogram illustrates the age of the sire relative to the birth of offspring. The ages
above 18 clearly refer to the use of frozen sperm. The mean age, with a cut off at 13 years, is
5.4 years old. This is followed by the age distribution for dams for whom the mean age is 4.6
years old.
Major AKC Title Holders Born when Sires were less than 2 Years Old

Major AKC Title Holders Born when Dams were less than 2 years old

Major AKC Title Holders born when sires were 13 or more years old (e.g. frozen sperm)

Major AKC Title holders born when dams were 10 or more years old