14% of Goldens in my database have "Gold" as part of their name.
The mean name length is 24 characters including hyphens and spaces.
The mean name length has increased every decade. It was 17 before 1940.
The shortest names in my database are: A-U, GAB, JAX, RIP, TAP, ZIP, SAM.
The longest are: Wonderland's Dreaming About The Last Day Of School,
         Rioosobroxden Wrestle With The Figures of Easthill,
         Wild Mtn. Heartlight You Got Some 'Splanin' To Do,
         Premiere's Studio54 He's Got The Moves Like Jagger
Master Hunters who skip JH Titles

AKC Hunt tests are unusual in that one can skip the basic titles.

We have examined 453 Golden Retriever Master Hunters.
60% did have JH titles but 40% did not.
62% of those MHs who did not have a JH only had a MH, i.e., they also skipped the SH
Goldens who qualify for the VCX but lack the title.

Even if a Golden meets the VCX requirements no VCX is awarded unless appropriate
documentation is submitted. Here is a list of those who need such documentation (This
goes back to Goldens born in 1973 as Cimaron's Dusty Dawn has a VCX).

Goldens needing VCX documentation
First Goldens to achieve the UD,OTCH, etc. and the date attained.

First to hold the Major Titles
The steep decline in the number of Golden Retrievers registered by the AKC mirrors
drop in all-breed registrations.
52% of 371 Goldens passed the WC.

In 2012 the pass rate was 54% for the WC and 46% for
the WCX.

Recent pass rates for Hunt tests are:

Masters 55%
Senior 58%
Junior 73%
High Point Derby Dogs

Glenairlie Rocket 1938
Stilrovin Nitro Express 1941
Tigathoe's Funky Farquar 1973
Ben's Enchanted Budweiser 1981
Golden's with 20+ All-Age Wins

34 NAFC-FC Topbrass Cotton
28 FC-AFC Misty's Sungold Lad
6 or more National Open Appearances

7 FC-AFC Misty's Sungold Lab
6 NAFC-FC Topbrass Cotton
6 FC-AFC Kinike Chancellor
6 DC Stilrovin Niro Express
6 or more National Amateur Appearances

9 NAFC-FC Topbrass Cotton
8 FC-AFC Misty's Sungold Lad
6 DC AFC Ronakers Novato Cain
6 FC-AFC Stilrovin Tuppee Tee
6 FC-AFC Tangelo's Sidekick