Links to our studies on Golden Retrievers
This page provides the links to various studies we have done on Golden Retrievers.

The lifespan analysis looks at Golden Retriever lifespans overall and broken down by decade.
This same page also list the oldest and youngest Golden to attain each major AKC title.

There are two pages dealing with COI (i.e., Coefficient of In-breeding). This is plotted versus lifespan and versus
AKC title.

Next there is a page listing the current number of Goldens holding each major AKC titles and many of the GRCA titles.
It also contains a plot showing the mean age at which each title is achieved. Hall of Fame Goldens are listed by name.
Finally, plots of numbers of Golden title holders born in each decade is plotted versus decade for CHs, UDs, All-Age
qualifieds and FCs.

The following three pages list each Golden (and their titles) who hold two, three or four major AKC titles.

"Top Golden Producers and Kennels" lists the most prolific sires and dams for each of the Major AKC titles. It also
has which kennels have produced the greatest number of Golden Retriever Major title holders.

The next links considers the dramatic influence of breeding of AFC Yankee Smoke'n Red Devil to FC Windbreakers

Then we look at Retriever Field Trials. We plot the number of trials and number of starters for each class (e.g., Open,
Amateur, etc.) . See

"Miscellaneous Topics" contains a variety of small studies ranging from Golden Retriever name length to Master
Hunter percentages who skip the JH title to an analysis of High in Trial numbers. It also has the fraction of Goldens with
a Major AKC title who also hold a title in another area ( versatile Goldens).

Next we begin to consider the parents of major title holders. Plots are provided of, say, the percentage of Master
Hunters having MH sires or MH dams or both MHs and the equivalent for all major AKC titles and some GRCA titles.

We have found that no single source is always reliable. Neither is any single source complete although the paper
GRCA Yearbooks are excellent as far as they go. The on-line GRCA Yearbook database
( the most complete reference readily available. It is an essential
compilation and one to which we frequently refer. When a spelling conflict arises we use the version in the on-line AKC
database, if available. In our opinion, the on-line K9DATA is simply not reliable. Titles are often not updated. This
doesn't not diminish its undoubted great importance and interest. It is a great place to find health clearances, COIs and

The following is an example of the difficulties involved.
Page II-B-37 of the 1978 GRCA Yearbook lists CH Beckwith's Ingot's Ember CDX TD * as being an outstanding dam.
The AKC number is given as SA635758. While the on-line AKC database often lacks the older Goldens it has does
have a CH Beckwiths Ingots Ember CD with the same AKC number. It does not have a Beckwith's Ingot's Ember. Note
moreover, the difference in titles and spelling. The on-line version of the GRCA yearbook has an Am-Can CH
Beckwiths Ingots Ember CDX TD WC Can CDX with the same AKC number. Note that the OD is lacking.

Note: We have recently reviewed our list of All-Age Goldens and removed those for whom we could not
find a reliable reference. The 1986 GRCA Yearbook has a carefully researched list of All-Age Goldens from
the beginning to 1983 is an excellent source as are the succeeding yearbooks. As noted above, the K-9
database is not such a reference.