In early December 2010 we took a look at the 5 generation Golden Retriever pedigrees present in K9Data. (
no Labs, test breedings, etc.) This resulted in 239,872 pedigrees. Of these 149,584 had complete 5
generation pedigrees. The majority of these pedigrees contained ancestors that were repeated multiple

For example, in the following 5 generation pedigree of Goldie Of Golden Rogue, one notes that Speedwell
Pluto (in red) occurs 12 times, Rockhaven Rust and Rockhaven Carole  4 times, Rockhaven Amber,
Rockhaven Glory, Rockhaven Rory and Wilderness Tangerine  thrice, and finally, Beavertail Butch, Michael
Of Moreton and Speedwell Emerald  twice. Her 10 generation COI is 28%.
Given 2 parents + 4 grandparents + 8 great grandparents + 16 great great grandparents + 32 great
great great grandparents in a 5 generation pedigree it is obvious that the maximum number of
unique ancestors is 62. Only 3472 out of the complete set of 149,584 pedigrees had all unique
ancestors in their 5 generation pedigree (i.e., total outcross).  

The mean number of unique ancestors per pedigree was 52. The minimum number found was 20
(example: Charlen's Westor Spirit : 10 generation COI - 53%).

19 had at least 1 ancestor repeated 12 times. In all such cases the repeated ancestor was either
Speedwell Pluto or Cumming's Gold-Rush Charlie.

Goldens with no repeated ancestor in 5 generations

Goldens with 1 ancestor repeated 12 times in 5 generations
Father-Daughter Offspring with Major AKC Titles

K9data Father-Daughter Breeding Offspring

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Single Grand-Dad Offspring with Major Titles

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